Strivr Portal release notes

February 2024

Device history

On the Device Details page, you can view a chronological Device History of events and actions about an individual headset + the user that performed the action. This serves as a better way to self-manage your devices going forward. Click the three-dot button next to each device to access its history.

NOTE: Device History events are recorded starting from March, 2023 and onward.

Device history for a headset

Learn more about device history

Content download progress

When a headset using Strivr Player version 3.19 or above is downloading a large amount of new content, you can see the download progress for each course on the Device Details page. Progress percentage will be updated periodically, roughly every 15 minutes, while the headset remains online.

  • More granular download statuses are displayed, including: Not started, Downloading, Finishing, Installed, Waiting for APK, and Queued for Removal.

  • When a course that is already installed on the headset is upgraded to a newer course version, you will be able to see the size of the new version.

Content download progress on the expanded Device Details page

Revision notes for courses now required

When a user publishes a draft course to start testing, they are now required to enter revision notes. Previously revision notes were optional.

Entering revision notes when publishing a draft course

Learn more about course status lifecycle

Assign devices location options

On the Assign Devices page, the option to select No Location is no longer available. This helps ensure all training data uploaded by headsets is associated with a specific location.

Telemetry status timestamp

On the Device Details page, the telemetry status timestamp has been temporarily removed due to devices reporting inconsistencies. Upcoming Strivr Player version 3.20 will include a permanent fix so devices can start reporting an accurate timestamp, at which point the timestamp will be restored to the UI for upgraded devices.

January 2024

App bundle content badging

Across content related pages and workflows, a new box icon indicates when a piece of content requires an additional download of an app bundle to headsets before training can begin. Content requires this additional step when it was authored in the Strivr SDK for Unity or other tools.

  • App bundles are typically an additional APK file that must be deployed to headsets via your Mobile Device Manager (MDM). Headsets must install the app bundle before training content is available.

  • MDM Admins can download the specific app bundle from the content details within the Content Library. Read more about the steps here.

Daily analytics data via API

Strivr’s Data Export API now supports the option for technical teams to retrieve learner training data programmatically on a daily basis (in addition to the weekly option) for data analysis in any external system.

NOTE: The daily export is not available to download in the Portal, only via API. Read more about the Data Export API here.

Bug fix: Headset deleted multiple times

On the Device Details page, the Deleted Device filter showed multiple entries if a particular device was deleted multiple times. Going forward, only the most recent deleted entry will be displayed in the table.

Bug fix: Analyze by course

The dropdown fields in Analytics > Analyze by course are now easier to select.