About app bundles

When a piece of content is authored in Unity using the Strivr SDK (or in other programs), deploying the course to headsets takes a few extra steps outside of Strivr’s platform. This includes deployment of an app bundle to each headset from your company’s Mobile Device Management (MDM) system.

First, the MDM administrator at your company can download the application bundle (usually an APK file) from content details in the Content Library and then upload it to the MDM for distribution.

Next, each headset must install the app bundle so it's available on each headset.

Last, deploy the course in the Strivr Portal. Courses containing content that requires an app bundle are denoted by a package icon .

IMPORTANT: Until the application bundle is installed on a headset, the related experience will not be usable and will be inactive within training menus. Strivr recommends deploying the application bundle before deploying the course to avoid learners seeing any errors in the headset.

Similarly, when removing a course from headsets, the MDM admin will need to remove the app bundle via the MDM. Strivr recommends removing the course first and then removing the app bundle to avoid learners seeing errors in the headsets from the missing app bundle.