Strivr Player release notes

January 2023 version 2.21 (Full version 2.21.23032.01)

Datadog integration

Datadog is now integrated into Strivr Player. This behind-the-scenes improvement will help Strivr identify and fix issues faster and more efficiently. Datadog is an observability service used to provide analytics and diagnostics for cloud-scale software.

January 2023 version 2.19 (Full version 2.19.23009.02)

Bug Fix: Wi-fi settings button combination

When using a Pico Neo 3, the user could inadvertently launch the wi-fi settings page by holding down the trigger on a controller. This bug has been fixed and now the wi-fi settings page is accessible only through the designed method (holding the trigger and pushing the thumbstick up simultaneously for 1 second.)

Access wi-fi settings by holding the trigger and pushing the thumbstick up for 1 second

Streamlined headset provisioning

This version introduces the ability to provision a headset via the Strivr Portal, loading Strivr software and training experiences. Up until now, all headset provisioning occurred at the Strivr warehouse. With this new option, users with the necessary privileges are able to create a training-ready headset from within the Strivr Portal.

December 2022 version 2.18 (Full version 2.18.22346.02)

Bug Fix: Change Hands button

The Change Hands button will no longer appear on in-headset menu pages for the Pico Neo 3. When using a Pico Neo 3 headset, the learner can switch hands at any time by pulling the trigger for the desired controller.

Change Hands button will be removed for Neo 3 headsets