Strivr Player release notes

October 2022 version 2.13 (Full version 2.13.22292.01)

Better messaging for missing experiences

If a user tries to launch an experience that is not installed or not completely installed, the resulting error message is now more descriptive and useful to Strivr Support. In the past trying to load an uninstalled third-party experience resulted in a generic message.

Bug fix: Exiting initial headset setup on Pico Neo 3

In previous versions of Strivr Player, if a user short-pressed the control home button during initial headset configuration for Pico Neo 3, the headset immediately launched Strivr Player and the user could not return to initial configuration without restarting the headset. Now short-pressing the home button during initial headset configuration does not exit to Strivr Player.

More about initial headset configuration

Bug fix: Inaccurate connection status

In previous versions, the connection status on the About page was reporting false negatives (that the headset was not connected to Strivr when it was). Connection status should now be accurate.

September 2022 version 2.11 (Full version 2.11.22263.01)

Clock drift handling

In older versions of Strivr Player, if the headset’s system clock drifted more than 5 minutes from the actual time, calls to Strivr Cloud would fail, preventing content and system updates as well as telemetry and training data reporting. This is now fixed so the headset should always be able to connect to Strivr Cloud, even if the device time is wrong.

Access code entry

In some situations, users need to exit Strivr Player to adjust Pico settings. To accomplish this, users contact Strivr Support for an access code (also called a kiosk code) and enter the code in their headset.

In older versions of Strivr Player, the functionality to exit out of Player via access code was a part of the login screen, where users would enter the kiosk code on the same page they would enter the login ID. Now there is a new screen dedicated to this functionality. To get to this screen, click the About button in the main menu, then click the right arrow button until you see the screen with the number pad.

Health reporting

Older versions of Strivr Player reported health information to Strivr Portal including battery status, storage information, app version, etc. with the help of another app called HMDManager. Now the two apps are merged; Strivr Player can report all of this information to the Strivr Portal without the need for a second app.