Strivr SDK release notes

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August 2023 version 1.2.0

Unity version compatibility

Version 1.2 of the Strivr SDK for Unity supports specific versions of Unity for specific headsets.

Unity version Pico Neo 3 Pico G2 4KS Meta Quest 2
2019.1.7f to 2020 No No Yes
2020 to 2022.1 Yes Yes Yes
2022.2 and newer No Yes Yes

July 2023 version 1.2.0

Version 1.2 of the Strivr SDK for Unity has been released.

Automatic Strivr Android library version update in Gradle file

Gradle files will now automatically update with the latest Strivr Android library version. SDK developers can add a standard version number and the Strivr SDK will modify it to the latest version number. For complete details on this feature, see the SDK documentation on

Strivr Unity plugin interface improved

The Strivr plugin for Unity has been improved for ease of use.

  • The Strivr menu in the top bar now includes both Project Settings and Account Settings shortcuts.

  • Project settings and tracking settings are now both shown on the Project Settings tab.

  • After linking the Unity project to a Strivr project, the project name and ID displays on the Project Settings tab of the Strivr plugin window.

  • General and tracking settings now include tooltips to guide users.

  • Users can now build the APK from the Strivr plugin window

  • Strivr Unity plugin window