Strivr Creator release notes

February 2023

Strivr Creator for Dialogue version 2.20: New landing page behavior

Each time a user opens Strivr Creator for Dialogue, they will now be presented with an Experiences panel, including

  • A list of available experiences they can open

  • A button to create a new experience

When the user selects an experience from the list, a message indicates if that experience is being worked on and, if so, by whom. Previously, each time a user opened the application, a new experience was created.

Experiences panel in Strivr Creator for Dialogue

December 2022

Strivr Creator for 360 Video version 2.20: End Experience property now available

All users can now see and adjust the End Experience property for any video clip. If Next Clip is set to None for a video clip, the video clip below it in the Tree view will play when it finishes. If Next Clip for a video clip specifies another target clip, that video clip will play when it finishes. If End Experience is set to On for a video clip (and the clip does not contain a branching event), the experience ends when that clip finishes playing.

The End Experience and Next Clip properties for a selected video clip

Strivr Creator for 360 Video version 2.20: Experience duration units

Experience duration, a user-entered value, is now in minutes instead of seconds.

The Experience Duration field in experience properties


Strivr Creator for Dialogue: Search assets by name

To help find character line and sound assets quickly, users can now search and sort by name.

Strivr Creator for Dialogue: Playback enabled when character is set to none

The playback event now works even when no character is set for a scene. This functionality is helpful when testing playback.

Strivr Creator for Dialogue Bug Fix: Alphabetized drop-down lists

Throughout Strivr Creator for Dialogue, lists in drop-down menus (such as characters, animations, environments, and audio files) are now alphabetized.

Strivr Creator for Dialogue Bug Fix: Missing assets

When one or more assets were missing when loading an experience, the loading progress indicator would stick, and users were unable to continue. Now, a list of missing assets will appear and the user will have the choice to quit or continue (with a warning that the experience may not function properly.)

Missing Assets warning

Strivr Creator for Dialogue Bug Fix: Experience search

Experience Name search is now case-insensitive.