Why can't I see my controller pointer in the headset?

If you have trouble seeing your Oculus Go or Pico G2/4KS pointer in the headset or it doesn't appear where you expect it to be, try these solutions in order:

  1. You might need to re-center the controller: Press and hold the Home button for 2 seconds.

  2. You may need to pair the controller to the headset again: On the Oculus Go, press and hold the back button and Oculus button at the same time until a light starts to blink on the controller. When the blinking stops, it is paired to the headset. On the Pico G2/4KS, press the Home button. The indicator light will begin flashing. When it stops flashing, it's re-paired.

  3. The battery may be loose: Pull down on the lower half of the controller to access the battery compartment and push the battery in all the way.

  4. The battery may be low or dead: try replacing the battery.