Exiting Strivr training

To troubleshoot issues, Strivr Support (or your company's own support team) may advise you to access headset settings by exiting Strivr training via a code you enter within the headset.

NOTE: In versions of Strivr Player before 1.92, you enter the access code on the login screen.
  1. For Strivr Player version 3.0 and later, enter the access code on the Pico area of Facilitator settings:

    1. Choose the Facilitator user type.

    2. Select the Pico icon.

    3. Enter the access code and select Enter.

  2. For Strivr Player version 2.1 and later, enter the access code on the last screen of the About section.

    1. Log in as normal.

    2. Beneath the training menu, select About.

    3. You'll see the connectivity status of the headset. Select the right arrow until you reach the code entry screen.

    4. Enter the access code.

  3. You will be in the Pico lobby. To access Pico settings, select Settings from the toolbar.