Why is my company's captive portal page unusable?

Sometimes after a period of use, you’ll be required to log into your company’s captive portal page again. In the Pico Neo 3 headset, sometimes the captive portal page is too zoomed-in, and you can’t interact with the interface buttons.

Example captive portal page with interface buttons inaccessible

Follow these steps to refresh the captive portal screen:

  1. To exit the zoomed-in captive portal page, press the home button on the controller.

  2. When you’re prompted to select a user type (after the Welcome and Alignment screens), select Facilitator.

  3. Select the Connectivity icon.

  4. Select the blue checkmark.

  5. For the network you usually connect to, select the gear icon.

  6. In the Network Details, select Forget.

  7. Restart the headset.

    1. Hold the power button on the headset for about 10 seconds. The indicator light will flash blue and then turn off.

    2. Wait a few seconds, then hold the Power button down again until the blue light turns back on.

  8. Connect to wifi. The captive portal page should appear normal.