What if a learner feels discomfort in the headset?

If a learner lets you know they are experiencing discomfort in the VR headset, have the learner pause the experience and close their eyes for a few moments. Then follow these steps:

  1. Make sure the position of the learner matches the perspective of the experience. That is, if the experience was filmed from a standing perspective, the learner should be standing. A disconnect between the learner's perspective and the camera's perspective can be disorienting.

  2. If matching the perspective does not work, try giving a standing learner a table or swivel chair to hold on to, grounding them within the experience.

  3. If they still feel discomfort in a standing position, have them remove the headset and seat them in a swivel chair before resuming the experience.

If the discomfort continues while seated, VR might not be for them. It's not for everyone.

Remember, first time users are the most likely to feel discomfort in the headset. As they train in VR repeatedly, most learners become comfortable.

For detailed information on Strivr's approach to mitigating motion sickness, download Best Practices for Motion Sickness Mitigation.