What if movement tracking is not working?

NOTE: This article applies only to the Pico Neo 3 headset.

Movement tracking is responsible for the learner’s relationship to objects in the experience. If objects appear to move away from a learner as the learner approaches them, movement tracking may be turned off or not functioning properly. If you see a message that movement tracking is lost, looking around your training area should allow the headset to reset movement tracking. If movement tracking does not automatically reset after a few seconds, follow the in-headset instruction to reset it. Do not disable movement tracking. If movement tracking is disabled, it needs to be reset in Pico settings. Users can exit Strivr training to access Pico settings by entering a code on the login screen. Strivr Support can walk you through this process.

NOTE: Blocking the passthrough cameras can cause movement tracking to be lost. Be careful not to block them when putting the headset on.