Setting a boundary for safe use

NOTE: This article applies only to Pico Neo 3 headsets

The Pico Neo 3 headset is designed to work with active 6 Degrees of Freedom (6DoF) experiences and stationary 3 Degrees of Freedom (3DoF) experiences. In 6DoF experiences you take an active role, moving through the virtual world and interacting with objects, while in 3DoF experiences you remain stationary and view the experience, using your pointer to select objects and answer questions. Because active 6DoF experiences require more room for safe use, you’re required to set a boundary for safe use every time you put on the headset, even when you’ll be in a stationary 3DoF experience.

Each time you put on the headset, the passthrough cameras activate, allowing you to see your surroundings, and you are prompted to choose a boundary type. Choose Quick Setup to select a predefined boundary, or Custom to draw your own boundary. Strivr recommends drawing a custom boundary. When setting a custom boundary, you’ll first set the virtual ground by touching the ground with the controller, then draw a boundary on the floor with the controller, then confirm.

If you select a predefined boundary (Quick setup), make sure to select Sitting or Standing and verify that the floor level is set correctly.