The Strivr Portal

The Strivr Portal is where you find results of your company’s training, where you manage your fleet of VR headsets, and where you build and distribute immersive learning courses to upscale your team’s skills.

The Portal is separated into three major areas, available from the navigation bar at the top of each page:




Depending on your company’s needs and your level of access, you may not see all areas of the Strivr Portal. If you feel you need a different level of access, contact your Strivr Account Executive.

How to get Strivr Portal credentials

  1. After working with your Strivr contact, you’ll receive an invitation email. Click Accept Invitation.

  2. You’ll be prompted to create a password you can use to log into the Strivr Portal.

To find out more gaining access to the Strivr Portal, contact support.