Why can't I see my controller pointer in the headset?

If you have trouble seeing your Pico G2/Pico 4KS/Pico Neo 3 or Oculus Go pointer in the headset or it doesn't appear where you expect it to be, try these solutions in order:

  1. You might need to re-center the controller: Press and hold the home button for 1-2 seconds.

  2. You may need to connect or pair the controller to the headset again:

    1. On Pico G2/Pico 4KS headsets, press the Home button. The indicator light will begin flashing. When it stops flashing, it's re-paired.

    2. On Pico Neo 3 headsets, if you see a message that a controller is disconnected, press the home button to reconnect it. If one or both controllers become unpaired, contact support.

    3. On Oculus Go headsets, press and hold the back button and Oculus button at the same time until a light starts to blink on the controller. When the blinking stops, it is paired to the headset.

  3. The battery may be loose: Pull down on the lower half of the controller to access the battery compartment and push the battery in all the way. Make sure there is no insulator tab protecting the batteries.

  4. You may need to restart the headset.

    1. On Pico G2/Pico 4KS/Pico Neo 3 headsets, hold the power button on the headset for about 10 seconds. The indicator light will flash blue and then turn off. Wait a few seconds, then hold the Power button down again until the blue light turns back on.

    2. On Oculus Go headsets, press and hold the power button on top of the headset for 20 seconds or until the device chimes.

  5. If the above solutions do not work, the battery may be low or dead: try replacing the battery.